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FSA Administration Services

Establishing a Flexible Spending Account is a strategic initiative that rewards employers and employees with significant tax savings. In most cases, the tax savings for the employer exceed the cost of introduction and administration of the FSA plan.

How is MedSoft different?

MedSoft FSA Administration is superior for several reasons. First, MedSoft does not hold the payroll deductions for claims reimbursement. This means that MedSoft never holds the client's money. The client is in complete control of their funding which greatly reduces the client's risk.

Futhermore, the full-service administration you receive from MedSoft includes the latest web-based account services and reporting tools for employers and employees. Over 30+ online reports give the client and participant up-to-date information on everything from account balances to funding and reimbursement breakdowns. All client reports are HIPAA compliant.
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